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Final Bout
Under Heaven's Destruction

Helloooo my name is Danielle. This is a multifandom blog involving animoos, videya games, and teevee shows. I play a lot of otome including most all of the Voltage non-Gree games and I also have a deep love for PS2 rpgs. Please ignore the bodies and enjoy your stay.

If you want to talk to me on skype feel free to ask for my username <3

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Favorite manga characters (2/100): Sata Kyoya | Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji


Meanwhile in an alternate universe…


All my knowledge of sexual slang comes from seeing what comments people put on this when they reblog it

So… you’re looking forward to your wedding?


Margaery was only married to Joffrey for like an hour, and it was STILL way too long for her.

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