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Final Bout
Under Heaven's Destruction

Helloooo my name is Danielle. This is a multifandom blog involving animoos, videya games, and teevee shows. I play a lot of otome including most all of the Voltage non-Gree games and I also have a deep love for PS2 rpgs. Please ignore the bodies and enjoy your stay.

If you want to talk to me on skype feel free to ask for my username <3

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Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide

Source : やさしい人


{make me choose} → furiouskitten asked: royai or superhuman tag team


only to be defeated as one.


so my dad’s friend was bartending and saw a guy put something in a girl’s drink so while the guy turned around he switched their drinks and watched the guy roofie himself. 




When the faces come together and do the thing

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